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ERASMUS internships

Detailed program:

The Croatian Association of Interdisciplinary Artists (HUiU) is the first and only professional association of interdisciplinary artists in the Republic of Croatia, founded in 2013 and today it has 33 members from the Republic of Croatia. Since 2016, HUIU has been renting a 96-m2 polyvalent space in which it develops and conducts multi-year cultural and artistic programs / projects to achieve the most important goal – to contribute to the development of a society in which the interdisciplinary art of expression enriches the life of each individual and qualitatively influences relationships in society, and economy through creativity and art. More on The work of HUiU is based on the implementation of 3 multi-year programs (implementation and promotion of the program comic reading-room Mrkli Mrak, the implementation and promotion of the gallery program and the implementation of an educational and creative program for children and young people) as well as the development of two new programs (research and advocacy program and empowerment program for members of HUiU and other cultural workers). In these programs, we also involve the local community to encourage them to express themselves creatively, contributing to the development of an active audience in a contemporary cultural-artistic society. In 2019, HUiU provided funds from public sources and is currently carrying out more than 5 projects in accordance with the programs mentioned above.

Students participate in the implementation of the following programs:

Promotion and development of the HUiU gallery program: from renting a polyvalent space in downtown Pula, HUiu gives special attention to the organization and continuous maintenance of cultural-artistic exhibitions with an emphasis on areas such as: illustration design, photography, architecture and multimedia. With its gallery program HUiU offers the public an insight into the wide range of activities of interdisciplinary artists. A well-designed gallery program HUiU offers visitors of the exhibitions (about 500 people per exhibition) a chance to become more familiar with the work of renowned and unapproved domestic and foreign interdisciplinary artists who shift the boundaries in presentation of culture and cultural activities and strive to challenge changes in thinking and perception of culture using innovative approaches, materials, methods, formats and media. During 2019/2020. 25 exhibitions will be held at the HUiU Gallery. The HUiU Gallery doors are open every day from 12am to 2pm and from 6pm to 8pm for all comic enthusiasts.

Developing and promoting the program of the comic reading-room Mrkli Mrak: Among the most important activities of HUiU is the long-standing implementation of the program comic reading-room Mrkli Mrak, which has about 500 titles and is located in the HUIU gallery. In 2019/2020, the head of the comic reading-room will also be working on regular activities that contribute to the increase members and the promotion of the comic reading-room. Moreover, build co-operation with domestic and foreign comic authors and publishers so that local comic strips lovers can perceive comics as art. The comics reading-room door is open every day from 12am to 2pm and from 18am to 8pm for all comic enthusiasts.

Implementation and improvement of HUiU educational and creative program: The Educational program for children and young people HUIU, is made up of educational workshops and exhibitions. Educational activities are conceived as a synergy of applied and audio-visual art in which equal attention is devoted to the learning of concrete knowledge from particular areas and the implementation of acquired knowledge on the cultural scene. The workshops are intended for pupils from middle schools of the city of Pula, both sexes from age 14 to 19. We select the HUIU workshop participants according to pupils\’ affinities and abilities, and we upgrade and develop them further every year, including 2019/2020. In 2019/2020 the following programs are going to take place: DIS FORM – Works of Applied Video and Animation, DIS INSTANT – Instant Photo Workshops (Polaroid Photography), DIS TISK – Screen Printing / Textile Workshop, IN STRIP, Educational Film Workshop, DIS SHOOTING – Fashion Recording Workshop, Multimedia Event Production – fashion show IN DIS FORM.


  1. Promotion and Development of the HUiU Gallery Program:

Getting acquainted with the activities of IN DIS GALERY, which in 2019 are financed by the City of Pula, the Istrian County and the Ministry of Culture; communication with the project leader (Kristina Nefat) and participation in the implementation of the IN DIS GALERY project, which includes: organizing and setting up exhibitions, promoting the exhibitions on social networks (Facebook and Instagram), working in the gallery and communicating with visitors.

Getting acquainted with HUiU gallery\’s programs and projects and participating in the work of the HUiU Arts Council, consisting of 6 members of HUiU, who plan, set up and promote exhibitions throughout the year.

  1. Development and Promotion of the Comic Reading-Room Program Mrkli Mrak:

Along with the leader (Vjeran Juhas), participation in the regular activities of the comic reading-room: promotion of the work of comic reading-room and the promotion of foreign and domestic comic strips on Social media (Facebook and Instagram); communication with the readers in the reading room during working hours; participation in the HUiU team (5 members), which deals with the creation and writing of projects aimed at promoting comics as a medium on a local level, which will be applied to public tenders in September 2019 for 2020.

  1. Implementing and improving the educational and creative program of HUiU:

Along with the head of the educational program (Katja Kliba), participation in the organization, implementation and promotion of the multimedia event – fashion show called IN DIS FORM. Participation in the HUiU team (5 members), which deals with creating and writing of projects aimed at developing new and upgrading existing educational and creative HUiU programs and projects for children and young people of the city of Pula, which will be applying to public tenders from August 2019 to February 2020.

Monitoring (Monitoring)

Immediately before the start of volunteer work at the HUiU, the volunteer co-ordinator (Kristina Nepfat) will introduce the vision and HUiU\’s way of working to the student volunteers. The Coordinator will familiarize students with their rights and obligations, principles and rules of work with program beneficiaries and HUiU projects and present them with and explain their volunteer contract. After the signing of the contract, the coordinator will introduce the students to a specially organized meeting with the mentors – the gallery program manager, the head of the comic reading-room and the head of the educational program. Each individual mentor will acquaint the student with the tasks he/she will perform during the volunteer assignment at HUiU on each individual program. In this way, the student will get information on the type and volume of volunteer engagement that they are expected to be familiar with describing the jobs they will perform during the volunteer work in the HUIU. From their mentors, students will have support and education on a daily basis to refine and enhance their knowledge and skills. For all questions, the co-ordinator Kristina Nefat will be available on a daily basis to students who will communicate by cell phone, email or in direct contact. During the volunteer assignment, mentors and coordinators will hold a two-week meeting with the students. At these meetings, the mentors will inform the students about the upcoming assignments and present their evaluation of their current work. At the meetings, the students will give mentors their views on the work at the HUIU, as well as suggestions for improving the volunteer\’s work and the problems if any.

Evaluation (Evaluation)

An evaluation of volunteer engagement of students during volunteering in HUiU will be done each month through a pre-designed form by each individual mentor. The mentors will submit the completed forms to the coordinator who will produce a report on the basis of their information, which will be submitted to the HUiU Committee, which will then provide a final assessment of the students\’ work in the form of a written document. The student work report will be visible to all members of HUiU, mentors and coordinator, and students who are involved in the work of HUIU.

In addition to the mentor, students will complete a pre-designed form with which they will have the opportunity to evaluate the work of mentors, coordinators and HUiU in general. The completed forms will be submitted to the Committee of HUiU, which will draw up a report based on the forms obtained and evaluate the work of both the mentor and the coordinator. The Committee will forward the report to students, mentors, co-ordinators and all members of the HUiU.